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The Dog Whisperer evening

THE NATIONAL Animal Welfare Trust is presenting ‘An Evening with the Dog Whisperer’ at its Animal Retirement Centre at Trindledown Farm, Great Shefford in Berkshire.

The opportunity to hear and talk to renowned Dog Trainer, Steve Fryer, takes place on Thursday October 3. Using quiet praise and tactile reward, Steve worked with a multitude of Guide Dogs and now uses these same gentle techniques to successfully train dogs on a one to one basis. Other professional advisors will also be attending to help during a question and answer session.

Trindledown Farm has been delighted to have Steve to help train its staff to work more effectively with the animals in their care, and is now happy to have this opportunity to share with others what they have learnt from him.

Please ring Val Hounsell at Trindledown Farm - 01488 638584 for more details of this event.