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Good Citizen Dog Scheme
- a trained dog is a happy dog

THE KENNEL Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest Dog Training programme in the UK. It promotes responsible dog ownership training for pedigrees and cross-breeds, puppy or veteran, and there are over 1100 training classes throughout the UK.

There are four levels of training - Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme is of benefit to all dogs and therefore can fit into all types of training disciplines with minimum disruption. From basic obedience manners, puppy and adult socialisation, cleanliness and identification, controlling your dog in a vehicle, road walking to teaching your dog an emergency stop, the Scheme displays a comprehensive domestic syllabus. A short theory test has also been introduced to encourage owners to learn more about dog owning responsibilities.

If you would like further details of your local Good Citizen Dog Scheme Training Club or would like more information on how your training organisation can take part in the scheme, please contact:

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme
1 Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB
Tel: 020 7518 1011