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Kennel Club’s clearer forms

IN A major new initiative launched this week the Kennel Club has revamped and improved its registration and healthcare services with additional benefits to breeders and owners.

Breeders and exhibitors will have chance to view the new forms and guidelines at City of Birmingham and Richmond shows which will mark the launch of the repackaging of Kennel Club services to the world of pedigree dogs.

the move, which has been the subject of long review and update by staff of many departments the marketing department and staff at Aylesbury, comes at an important time in the club’s history as it seeks to represent the broader world of dogs and dogs owners and to gain the respect of those in government.

In an effort to eliminate errors at the time of application the Kennel Club’s new forms have a greater clarity and the Kennel Club is now offering a new litter registration certificate.

In addition there will be offering free six weeks full Healthcare cover for puppies from the date of sale to new owners if they take out an annual Healthcare policy.

They have also produced a new simpler guide to litter registration and a guide to assuring puppies have good homes and responsible owners.