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NCDL worker awarded Certificate of Merit

PLUCKY SUSAN Moore of the NCDL Leeds Rehoming Centre has received a Certificate of Merit at the NCDL’s Annual General Meeting.

Susan was awarded the honour after working above and beyond the call of duty to try and save the life of a dog in distress.

Susan received a call from a concerned member of the public who had seen the injured dog in a field and was worried, as it wasn’t moving. Susan went to the dog and assessed its injuries. She made the decision that the dog should not be moved and so called a vet to the field. Whilst waiting for the vet Susan sat with the dog in the pouring rain and wind, comforting him and soothing him.

When the vet arrived the dog was understandably a bit scared and in a lot of pain. At first the dog would not allow the vet to get close but with Susan’s soothing words the dog relaxed and allowed the vet to examine him. Unfortunately the dog’s injuries were so severe that the dog had to be put to sleep but Susan kept hold of the dog throughout.

Susan says, ‘I was just doing my job, I did what any other person would do for a dog in distress. It was sad that the dog had to be put to sleep but it was the best option in the long term. He was in so much pain he would not have survived.’