Sotheby’s gather an impressive selection
for their Scottish sale at Gleneagles
Sporting Pictures & Bronzes 28th August 2002

Three Coursing Greyhounds by the French sculptor, Maximillien-Louis Fiot (1886-1953)
is estimated at £6,000 - £8,000, at next week's Southby's Gleneagles sale.

Congratulations go to Sotheby’s, for putting together a magnificent selection of bronzes and paintings which will be auctioned at the famous Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire next week. The collection contains 13 bronzes and over 25 paintings of canine interest will be offered for sale on Wednesday August 28th.

The bronzes include "Marco", a magnificent standing Setter (Gordon?) by Charles Valton (French 1851-1918), over a foot high estimated at £1,500-2,000 and an equally magnificent brace of standing Bloodhounds, (14" x 17") by August-Nicholas Cain (French 1821-1894), estimated at £4.000-6,000. There are two different bronzes of Greyhounds included. A Standing brace by Emmanuel Frémiet (French 1824-1910), which was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1886, carries an estimate of £4,000-6,000, whilst an incredible work showing 3 Greyhounds in full flight by the French sculptor, Maximillien-Louis Fiot (1886-1953) is estimated at £6,000-8,000 (see top of page).

However, the star lot of the Bronze section is undoubtedly a large work measuring 16" x 21" (41 x 55cm) by Alfred Dubucand (1828-1894), who as you can probably guess, was also French. This highly detailed work shows a French hunter loading a dead Doe on to a horse whilst at his feet stand two St. Hubert Hounds. Just behind the hunter are the traditional curved French hunting horn, whip and hard riding hat. Dubucand was a pupil of the great Antoine-Louis Barye (French 1795 - 1875) and this work clearly shows the influence of the master. Exhibited at the Paris Salon as a wax sculpture in 1870, the bronze on offer is an exceptionally fine casting which has obtained a subtle golden brown patina. Not surprisingly it has an estimate of £12,000-18,000.


The picture section includes a Clumber Spaniel by Arthur Wardle (1864-1949) estimated at £5,000-7,000, two different studies of English Springer Spaniels by Sam Fulton (1855-1941), estimated between £2,000-7,000. Staying with the Gundogs, there is a charming study of an early Flatcoat "type" Retriever by William Pringle dated 1841 titled "Mr Burdet with his gundog, in the grounds of Coombe Abbey, Coventry", standing 30" (76cm) high it is estimated at £6,000-8,000.

As very typical Pointer in a Landscape by Thomas Blinks (1860-1912), is estimated at £4,000-6,000, whilst a Red & White and a Gordon Setter putting up a Pheasant by 19th Century artist John Gifford is expected to fetch £5,000-8,000. There are two Gundog paintings by James Hardy Jar (1832-1889) a tiny 9" x 7" oil on panel of a young Gillie and two Setters is estimated at £5,000-7,000 whilst a much larger study of a reclining Red and White ands a Gordon Setter with the obligatory dead game carries the estimate of £50,000-70,000.


Other dog paintings include 2 Collies by Edwin Douglas (£10,000-15,000), a Winter Landscape with sheep, shepherd and Collie by Joseph Farquharson (1864-1935) at £70,000-100,000 and a stunning Scottish Highland scene after a deer hunt by John Frederick Herring (1795-1865) which the auctioneers expect to be one of the star lots at £300,000-500,000.
Finally, two breeds have two pictures each entered. "The Otter Hunt" by John Sargent Nobel (1848-1913), signed and dated 1890, is a but gory at £10,000-15,000, whilst "The Chase" by Walter Hunt, is a very well known painting and much less blood thirsty at £20,000-30,000.

Finally there are 2 Dandie Dinmont pictures entered. A really lovely early (C. 1825?) picture by William Jones (1798-1860) titled "Ferreting" showing three pre breed standard Dandie "types" by a warren with two hunters expected to fetch £12,000-18,000, whilst a charming study of a seated Dandie "type" by Thomas Earl (active 1836-1885), titled by the auctioneers as a Skye Terrier is modestly estimated at £5,000-7,000. The last time I saw this painting was three years ago at the London Viewing of the annual Bonhams/Doyle New York sale. The painting did not sell that time and interestingly, if this is the same picture, it appears this time with the dead rabbit at it's feet now painted out.

The sale is on view at Gleneagles from Saturday 24th August, up until the mornings of the sale. The lavishly illustrated catalogue, which contains a wealth of information, cost £20.00 by post and may be ordered from Sotheby’s London office on 020 7293 6444, or via fax on 020 7293 5909 or

This beautiful but tiny 9" x 7" (23 x 18cm) oil on panel by James Hardy Jnr., is signed and dated 1874 and should easily reach the auctioneers estimate of between £5-7,000.

Lot 907: "Head Studies of Dogs" one of a pair by the artist Colin Graeme (Roe) signed and dated 1892 are expected to fetch £2,000-3,000 at Gleneagles on the 28th.


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