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UK Toydog committee appointments

THE UK Toydog Society is pleased to announce that at its recent AGM, a number of new committee appointments were approved. Lisa McKenzie, Lindsay Pemberton and Russell Mosedale have all been involved in the world of pedigree dogs since their schooldays.

Lisa is well known for her ‘Chinois’ Chinese Crested Dogs. Born in to a doggy family, Lisa’s first experiences in the pedigree dog scene were with the family Boxers in Junior Handling competitions.

As an adult, Lisa along with her partner, Chris Carter, decided to look for a smaller dog and opted for the Chinese Crested Dog – a breed in which they have been tremendously successful, campaigning five champions (four of them homebred).

Lisa judged at CC level for the first time at this year’s UK Toydog Show and also judges Boxers at open shows.

Lindsay Pemberton’s family had always had a pet Pekingese, and at the age of 14 she found a Saturday job in a local pet shop whose owner bred and showed GSDs. This started Lindsay’s addiction to the canine world, and in 1976 a silver Miniature Poodle was added to the family. Miniature Poodles were bred and shown until the late 1980s. A sleeve Peke purchased as a gift for her mother in 1984 started her fascination with the breed.

Lindsay has served as a committee member of the Birmingham Pekingese Association since 1989 becoming secretary of the association in 2000. She is also a committee member of Stockport Toydog Association. Lindsay is a championship show judge of Pekingese.

Russell Mosedale has a strong background in canine administration. A committee member of Midland Counties CS and secretary of a general canine society and Ashbourne Shire Horse society, Russell will be well known to UK Toydog exhibitors as he is the man in charge of the spotlight for the main ring!

Well known in the show ring for his Gordon Setters and Field Spaniels, he is the owner of the top champion field and believes in working dogs whenever possible. A championship show judge, Russell has a special affection for Griffon Bruxellois.