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AKC enhances website

In an ongoing effort to better serve the needs of its customers, the American Kennel Club has announced that several key enhancements have been made to its website.

The changes will improve navigation so that visitors – whether a general consumer looking for a dog, a concerned dog lover looking for the latest news on canine health, or a dog fancier looking for event information – can find exactly what they need more quickly and easily.

"Given the tremendous amount of dog specific information we have available on our web site, improved navigation is critical to our customers’ satisfaction," said David Roberts, AVP, Internet Services for the AKC. "We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from the dog fancy and we’ve worked hard to maintain and improve our customer service by creating an online environment of information and assurance."

Enhancements to the homepage include:

AKC news listings/links – This newly enhanced section offers an increased number of news listings and links allowing anyone looking for the latest AKC news to find it more quickly and easily without having to navigate through the website. A link to all new AKC announcements will be displayed prominently in the lower left corner of the homepage.

New Search Engine – The AKC web site has a new search engine, provided by Google, an industry leader in the field. The new search engine will better meet the needs of customers trying to find specific information located on the site.

Customer Care – This new section includes useful links for anyone seeking assistance from the American Kennel Club. The new section includes answers to common inquiries on subjects ranging from Registration to Events, downloadable forms, such as registration forms and event forms, and breeder referral, which helps those looking for a dog find responsible breeders. Customer Care can be found by going to "Inside AKC" at the top menu on the home page, and clicking on "Customer Care."

The AKC welcomes feedback from its visitors to the web site.

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