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NAVS says ‘Make this the season of Goodwill’

THE NATIONAL ANTI-VIVISECTION Society’s new guide highlights charity funding of animal experiments. In the coming month millions of people will receive appeals from charities asking for support in the spirit of Christmas. Yet, says the NAVS. despite a message of peace on earth, some of the money raised will be used to inflict terrible suffering on laboratory animals. Experiments include growing painful cancers on animals' backs, and leaving them crippled with artificially-induced arthritis.

The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) has launched an awareness drive in the lead up to Christmas concerning the charity funding of animal experiments. NAVS supporters will be distributing a leaflet with the stark question "Would you pay to have this rabbit's leg broken?, and handing out our free pocket-sized 'Essential Good Charities Guide'.

NAVS Director, Jan Creamer says: "We all want medical progress and care for people, but that doesn't mean we agree with animals being tortured in laboratories. The NAVS 'Essential Good Charities Guide' shows that we can support medical research and care without contributing to animal suffering. The guide enables people to decide for themselves whether they wish their donation to be used for animal research or not, and to give this Christmas with a clear conscience. We believe the Guide is very good news for the 95 medical research and care charities who have a clear commitment to help people without inflicting suffering on animals."

The new pocket guide was produced after the huge response to the 160 page NAVS Good Charities Guide 2002, outlining charity positions on animal experimentation.

The pocket Guide, which fits easily into a purse or wallet, contains an updated list of over 150 medical research and care charities, identifying 95 charities that do not fund animal experiments and 64 that do.