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Membership lists to be submitted with returns

THE KENNEL Club has announced new requirements in its ‘C’ regulations for clubs and societies to submit full lists of members with annual returns. In a press release issued last Monday the now require a full and uptodate list of members.

The press release said:-

‘The General Committee has reviewed the Annual Returns submitted each year by Clubs and Societies, from the perspectives of streamlining administration and evaluating the benefits of the information received.

‘In view of this the Regulations have been amended so that instead of submitting a full list of members, societies should still be obliged to maintain accurate lists but only submit their membership totals for the year. In this way, the Kennel Club can continue to analyse whether membership is rising or falling within societies, and build up cumulative figures on society membership and reduce administration for Society Secretaries.

‘These amendments are effective from 1 January 2003, it is appreciated that this date is in the middle of the Annual Returns year, therefore the Kennel Club will accept either confirmation of the full membership total or a list of the membership, if this is more convenient. After 31 July 2003 only membership numbers will be accepted and membership lists will be returned.’

The amendments are as follows:-

‘Regulation C4.a.(1)(b)(v) is amended thus:

‘v) A declaration of the number of members of the society as at the end of the society’s financial year. (N.B. Regulations C3.a.(14) and C4.a.(1)(c)).
‘In view of the above amendment, Regulations C3.a.(14) and C4.a.(1)(c) are altered as follows:

‘A Rule that the Society must maintain an up to date list of members and their addresses, and those of branch members where appropriate and, if so requested, make the list available for inspection by the Kennel Club and members of the Society. A declaration of the number of members of the Society must be made with Annual Returns.

‘All Registered Societies must undertake to keep a Minute Book, which must contain a full record of all business transacted at General Meetings and Committee Meetings, including a record of all Guarantees offered by the Society; to maintain a list of the names and addresses of all current members of the Society; and to maintain a system of accounts showing a complete record of the Income and Expenditure of the Society and a Balance Sheet. Such Minute Book, Membership list, Accounts and Balance Sheet and also any other documents belonging to the Society, are to be produced to the Kennel Club at any time when required. A copy of the annual Statement of Accounts for the last financial year, which must be certified in accordance with the Rules of the Society must be sent to all members of the Society except that provision may be made in the Rules of Society for the annual Statement of Accounts to be forwarded on request by a member, otherwise, it will be available for inspection by members at the Annual General Meeting and at times to be stipulated in the Rules.’