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South Western Great Dane Club
Judges Critiques

League Finals (dogs)

My thanks to the Officers and Committee of the South Western Great Dane Club for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show League Finals Competition which was held on Saturday 9th November at Brean Leisure Centre. I must say that it was a great privilege to be asked to judge this most prestigious event which has firmly established itself over the past twenty two years and seems to strengthen every year.

My very pleasant task on this occasion was to judge the Premier and Super League dogs. Starting with the Premier dogs I was presented with some excellent youngsters who show great promise for the future. But as ever it is the dog on the day and the dog who for me on this occasion was the winner was Mr & Mrs Dashwood’s LUCERNE ROCKAFELLA. This 13 months old fawn is well proportioned throughout and he did everything that was asked of him. He is still immature and needs to develop in head. To be hypercritical I would like to see a little more hind angulation. His front, rear and side movement were extremely sound and correct. Well handled and presented in immaculate condition, a worthy winner.

2nd Mr & Mrs Hurst’s GARSAK SIR GARRETT (fawn) – another excellent dog. Standing he had a lovely outline, with good side and rear movement, unfortunately coming towards me he was a little wide in front. Again to be hypercritical I would like a cleaner head, none the less still a super dog.3rd Mrs Price’s LEAMAP MOONSTRUCK (blue) – at 18 months old a very promising youngster. Still very immature and he needs to settle, but his day will come.

On the challenge for Best Premier Dog or Bitch I had to give way to my Co-Judge Isobell Dyke. The bitch she put through CH. DAINWOOD FANTASTIC LIGHT AT FASSANO was just beautiful. She was more mature than my dog winner, balanced throughout, so sound and full of breed type. If I had to criticise her I would like to see her top line a little firmer.


Again I was presented with some very beautiful dogs, however I thought that my eventual winner CH. DANEPOINT DREAMSELLER OF EASTLIGHT a three year old fawn owned by Mr & Mrs Townend, was outstanding. Presented to me in immaculate condition, he has a superb head and expression. With good shoulders and front, a firm top line with strong hindquarters.

The movement was sound and correct throughout, a very worthy winner of this competition.
2nd Messr’s Toye & Robinson TOYEROB TIME OF THE SEASON (fawn) two and half years old. I loved his overall outline and balance but just preferred the winner’s expression. On the move he is sound but does need to settle.

3rd Mr & Mrs Cottrell’s CH. BEREVALE GILPIN (black) 4 years old. Fully matured and in excellent condition. Beautifully constructed, balanced and very sound in movement. Personally would just like a little more height. A very worthy Champion.

When the challenge came for the Super League winner, the dog competed against the bitch winner Mrs J Micklewright’s DAINEDEN DISTINCT DESIGN. After examining the bitch I felt that the dog was stronger in hocks and firmer in movement, to which my Co Judge agreed, making the winner of the Super League competition CH. DANEPOINT DREAMSELLER OF EASTLIGHT. According to the cheer that went up he was a popular winner. Our referee Judith Gregory was not required which was a shame as she missed the opportunity to go over some lovely danes, but she did tell us afterwards that she agreed with our winners.

The competition was followed by a wonderful dinner, (compliments must go to the chefs) then the partying began. We left at 12.30am and the party was still in full swing, it was a wonderful evening.

My thanks to all the competitors who accepted my decisions in a sporting manner, and thanks for a wonderful evening.

Meg Purnell Carpenter

League Finals (bitches)

It was an honour to be invited to judge the Bitches at the South Western Great Dane Club Championship Show "League Finals" especially as I am not a Working Group person, but I suppose I can be excused for undertaking this assignment as there is a school of thought that the Dane should be in the Hound Group as I understand they were initially used to hunt boars. It is such a great learning experience to be able to put your hands on quality dogs - so often at Open Show level you are presented with mediocrity and in the end get to thinking that mediocrity is the norm. This is one of the reasons why I support the showing of CC winners and Champions at Open Show level as it does help learner judges to get used to recognising quality.

I take my hat off to the organisers of this event - such an ideally suitable venue, lovely carpeted rings with plenty of space for dogs and spectators and what a superb dinner we were treated to afterwards. Altogether a superb event with only the atrocious weather letting us down - still we were all warm, dry and cosy inside.

The first competition was for the Premier League qualifiers and what a quality turn-out this was.

Best Bitch and overall winner was Mr & Mrs M Hallam’s CH DAINWOOD FANTASTIC LIGHT AT FASSANO. Beautifully proportioned outline showing strength combined with elegance. What a lovely head this lady has - the darkest of eyes, good balance between skull and foreface, high set ears, smooth cheeks and large well pigmented nostrils. Good head carriage on long, well arched neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Good straight forelegs and great depth of brisket. Strong back with slight arch over loins. Well angulated hindquarters and long correctly carried tail. Well arched and padded feet. Moved freely and soundly with good drive from behind. On agreement with my co-judge we were pleased to declare her best of the Premier League.

Second to her was another fawn lady, Mr L & Mrs A Chappell’s SELMALDA ME AND MY SHADOW. Another quality Dane with good overall balance and strong elegant outline. Was not so well angulated as the winner.

Standing Third was the black Mrs. S. MacGowan’s ASOUD DOSH TOO. Not disgraced in the position and making up a trio of top quality bitches.

Next we judged the Super League qualifiers. Best Bitch in this category was Mrs J Micklewright DAINDEN DISTINCT DESIGN. Fawn lady with lovely dark eye and pigmentation. Good overall balance and muscular condition. Strong sloping shoulders. Good depth of chest and well boned forelegs. Well muscled over the loin and hindquarters. Low hocks and cat-like feet. Thick tapering tail carried well on the move. Springy free striding mover.

Standing second was G Hooker & J Lockey’s CH GARSAK BLAZE. Another fawn bitch oozing quality but who did not cope well with the carpeted floor, tending to loose her topline on the move. However, standing she presented a picture of near perfection and great overall elegance.Making up this trio of lovely ladies was Mr R, Mrs J & Miss M Day’s CH JANRICHE FIRST LADY.

Isobell Dyke

Breed Open Show (dogs)

I was delighted to be invited to judge this show and what an enjoyable and well run show it was. There was a wonderful atmosphere at the ideal venue and a great camaraderie among exhibitors.

I found a lot of variation in type and was disappointed with the movement in many of the dogs. I agreed with my co-judge that the bitch should go Best in Show, CH. YACANTO STRONG PROMISE, an excellent specimen, attractive feminine head, beautiful body shape, well presented and handled and moving well. I was happy that the Referee agreed with me that the dog should be Reserve Best in Show, CH. BEREVALE GILPAN, a beautiful black with many wonderful qualities. Again, I agreed with my co-Judge that the bitch puppy should be Best Puppy in Show SELMALDA ME AND MY SHADOW, a very striking fawn, beautiful shape, lovely head, standing slightly out at elbows but moved well. Minor Puppy Dog (2) 1.

FOALDOWN MR COOL. Attractive 8 month old fawn, pleasing body shape with good bone, short back. Good angulation, ears well placed and tidy, would prefer a bit more length of muzzle. Puppy Dog (4) 1. FOALDOWN MIDNIGHT MUSIC. 10 l/2 month old blue, very exhuberent character. Big dog, very strong in head, good height at withers. Excellent bone. Good depth of chest. Moved freely. 2. ALAHMAX SPIRIT OF FREEDOM. 9 month old fawn, more compact male. Good bone, excellent backline. Stood and moved well. Would prefer more length of head. 3. MURRAYVHAYLE MIDNIGHT. Junior Dog (8) 1. GARSAK SIR GARRETT.

Impressive fawn of good size. Well presented and handled. Strong head, correct bite. Neat ears, good neck and height at withers. Angulation good front and rear. Feet could be tighter. Moved erratic in front. 2. LUCERNE ROCKAFELLA. 13 month old fawn, pleasing shape. Good length of head though parallels could be better. Good bone, good backline. Front angulation moderate. Rear angulation good. Moved well. 3. ARONDYKE ANYWAY BUT LOOSE. Special Yearling Dog (2) 1. RAVENDANE MARCUS AURELUS AT MACHAMORE. 2 year old harlequin male of good size. Strong head, nice neck onto good backline. Good bone and feet. Chest well developed. Very moderately angulated in rear. Moved freely. 2. ARDGRYFFE BRAD THE LAD AT ROWANDANE. 14 month old fawn. Pleasing head, good height at withers, rather straight in front. O.k rear angulation. Backline rather soft. Post Graduate Dog (3) 1.

DOGIWOGIN WON LUDWIG XIV YACANTO. 20 month fawn of good size with pleasing head. Good eye, nice ears. Good reach of neck. Good height at withers. Stands out at elbows and knuckles over. Erratic on the move. 2. GARSAK SIR DODINEL DE SAUVAGE. Brindle, finer boned. Down on pasterns. Tentative on move. Good backline, would prefer more neck. Eyes appear round. Limit Dog (5) 1. FOALDOWN BOYSBUOY. 5 year old fawn, not the biggest of dogs but balanced. Very pleased with his headpiece, good reach of neck. Good height at the withers. Good backline, well angulated. Moved soundly but perhaps handler could make more of him. Reserve Best Dog 2. HECKLEHAZE ANDERSON. Upstanding 3 year old rich fawn.

Strong throughout. Good angulation front and rear. Good backline. Moved well. Preferred head of winner. 3. JOVIES PERFECT REASON. Special Veteran Dog (2) 1. ARONDYKE ANONYMOUS. 7 l/2 year old fawn. Presented in excellent condition. Lovely shape, pleasing head. Neat ears and good reach of neck. Good height at withers, well angulated. Moved freely though slightly erratic in front. Special Open Fawn (5) 1. YACANTO SEYMOUR HICKS AT FASSANO. 3 year old fawn of good size. Quality headpiece. Well placed, tidy ears. Nice reach of neck. Good height at withers, good backline. Well boned. Presented and handled well. Throwing left rear leg on the move. 2. CH. AXEFORD SORCERER. 4 year old light fawn of good size. Attractive head, good ear placement, nice neck. Good height at withers. Backline good. Well angulated. Erratic in front on the move. Close decision with winner. Special Open Brindle (3) 1. BEREVALE GIDEON. Attractive medium sized dog, lovely head. Good ear placement. Nice reach of neck. Excellent height at withers. Good angulation. Good backline. Moved rather tentatively. 2. GARSAK SIR DODINEL DE SAUVAGE. Special Open Blue (6) 1.

LEAMAP MOONSTRUCK. 18 month blue of good size. Really well presented and handled. Moved freely though backline a touch soft. Attractive head. Well angulated. Needs to develop in body. 2. ASOUD MAXIMILLIAN THE EMPEROR. 3 year old well balanced male. Pleasing head, good reach of neck. Good firm backline. Nice croup. Well angulated front and rear. Moved well. 3. FOALDOWN MIDNIGHT MUSIC. Special Open Black (2) 1. CH. BEREVALE GILPIN. Medium sized 4 year old. Presented in excellent condition and well handled. Fantastic sheen to coat. Beautiful headpiece, well chiselled. Good eye, neat well placed years. Lovely reach of neck. Good height at withers. Good croup. Good bone and moved well. Just found he lost his topline at times in stance, but held it on the move. Best Dog Special Open Harlequin (2) 1. CH. DAINOAK VENI VIDI VICI. Attractive 4 year old, good size. A touch long in back. Good bone, nice head, good neck. Well angulated front and rear. In good condition. Moved well. 2. RAVENDANE MARCUS AURELIUS AT MACHAMORE. Open Dog (6) 1. CH. BEREVALE GILPIN 2. LEAMAP MOONSTRUCK 3. YACANTO FROZEN GROOM AT VEENDAM

Breed Open Show (bitches)

My thanks to the Committee and exhibitors making it an enjoyable day. BIS. CH. YACANTO STRONG PROMISE, RBIS & BOS CH BEREVALE GILPIN on the referees decision. BPIS & RBB SELMELDA ME AND MY SHADOW. Minor Puppy Bitch (6) 1st - Joel's - Dainwood Looks Like Trouble for Stepherine 8 month Pale fawn bitch, pleasing head set on a long neck. Well laid shoulders, good body for age, moved quite well. 2nd. - Daly & Girts - Stuavar Shady Lady Well put together young lady, a little nervous today, so did not show her self to advantage. - Moved soundly. 3rd. - Bushnell & Tompson's - Stuavar Spirit of Love Puppy Bitch (4) 1st.` - Chappells - Selmalda Me & My Shadow A real show girl, well grown and bodied up. Good head, long neck, strong topline well angulated fore and aft. Moved with great length of stride, good coming and going - Shown to perfection, should have a very bright future.

BP.B., R.B.B. & B.P.I.S. 2nd. - Patch's Pennardane Pryz Parcel Orange fawn, needs to settle, well constructed, pretty head, moved satisfactorily. 3rd. - Adamson's Arondyke Age of Aquarius Junior Bitch (6) 1st. - Middleton's - Dornoir Erin Lovely blue bitch, expressive head, good angles fore and aft. Correct topline, moved with drive and style. Very sound. 2nd. - John's - Yacanto Lailani of Alardyn Smart bitch, unlucky to meet 15t, everything in the right place, moved soundly. 3rd. - Hurst, Gifford, Hooker - Garsak Godiva Special Yearling Bitch (5) 1st. -Davies - Cenninpedr Sweet Shanty Very big blue bitch, could benefit from losing a few pounds. Good make and shape, moved well when settled. Novice Bitch (4) 1st. - Lewis's -Lucerne Illusion at Axeford Pretty fawn, lovely body, very strong quarters, I would prefer a little more strength in head to complete picture, showed and moved well. 2nd. - Joel's Dainwood Mandarin for Stepherine Litter sister to the minor puppy winner. Lovely head, and long neck. Moved satisfactorily. 3rd. - Patch's Pennardane Pryz Parcel Post Grad Bitch (4) 1st. - Cottrell's - Snowsprite Sonya By Berevale Harli, stood alone, nice head, good length of foreface. Well balanced solid girl. Moved soundly Limit Bitch (8) 1st. - Bishton's - Jaydania Zidane Strong, red fawn, expressive head, long neck, firm in back, well bodied and balanced.

Moved soundly, but lacked enthusiasm today. 2nd. - Bowles - Repsac The Bone Collector Different in type to 1st., pale fawn a little stuffy in neck, head ok, sound mover. Special Veteran Bitch (7) 1st. -Rose's - Khunrath I'm Sasha for Roseark, 7 years young fawn could show some of the young ones how to move, looks so good, strong head and body. 2nd. - Price's - Leamap Tuppenny Blue Blue bitch, moved well for her age, pleasing shape, nicely balanced. 3rd. - Smith's - Cwmddu Adelphia Special Open Fawn Bitch (5) 1st. - Bishtons - Jaydania Alabama Red fawn, strong head, long neck good shoulders and topline, just needs to let down behind to complete the picture. Moved steady and soundly. 2nd. - Mentastis - Khunrath Yasmin Showy lady, smaller than 1st. but well balanced. Alert expression. Moved OK. 3rd. - King & Dolby's - Eppwood Slick `N' Sassy Special Open Brindle Bitch (1) 1st. - Gifford's - CH Garsak Morning Glory Lovely bitch when stacked, super head, very well balanced. Not moving soundly on hind quarters. Special Open Blue Bitch (8) 1st.- Middleton's - Dornoir Erin 2nd. - Davies - Cenninpedr Sweet Shanty 3rd. - Collett's - Foaldown Regal Rain Special Open Black Bitch (3) 1st. - Davies'- Cenninpedr Miss Saigon Huge jet black bitch. She has the longest of necks, lovely head, darkest eyes, well bodied. Just needs to be projected to show her best features. Moved steadily. 2nd. - MacGowans' - Asoud Dosh Too Pleasing bitch, not the topline of l", showed well, moved satisfactorily. 3rd. - Middleton's -Dornoir Gersemi. Special Open Harlequin Bitch (4) 1st. - Waltons' - Ravendane Flashdance Yacanto Big girl, attractive head, good clean outline, well marked, has good balance. Moved with drive. 2"d - Davies - Allours Ariella At Taupio Strong headed, needs time to come on. Moved satisfactorily. Open Bitch (7) 1st. - Bousfield & Bendle's - CH Yacanto Stong Promise Looked super today. Love her head, the length of forface and narrow scull, set on a long neck. Great balance, well angulated fore and aft, strong topline, moved with drive. As always shown to perfection B.B. & B.I.S. Well done. 2nd. - Hallam's - CH Dainwood Fantastic Light at Fassano Lovely orange fawn, still not fully matured. In great condition. Strong head, long neck. Well constructed all through. Would prefer greater extension on front movement. 3rd. - Webb & Aers - Jovies Dream with Me

Marie Day