No truth to rumours of
Midlands Sports Connexion closure

RUMOURS THAT a popular venue for many canine shows was due to close have been denounced as "totally incorrect" by the manager of the Coventry-based sports complex in question.

The Sports Connexion, located at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, plays host to 100 or more canine shows each year and has proved to be a popular venue for many grades of show, including numerous Open and Breed events.

OUR DOGS was informed of rumours that the Sports Connexion was due to be sold to developers and the site turned into a new housing estate. However, the Sports Connexion’s Director Mike Taylor vehemently refuted these allegations.

"I can categorically state that these rumours are totally unfounded," said Mr Taylor. "Let me please reassure your readers and all the canine societies who have booked space with us for shows, that the Sports Connexion has not been sold, we remain committed to staging all shows which have been booked for the coming year and, indeed, we are taking bookings for shows up to and including 2009."

Undoubtedly the number of shows at the Sports Connexion are set to drop in the coming years, thanks to the Kennel Club’s diktat that with effect from January 2003, general canine societies could be limited to staging one open show per year and, if they fail to meet the criteria set to ensure better class averages, they may stage no more than two shows per year in total, to maintain ‘consistency of standards’.

The KC’s decision, which was announced in late October, has been greeted with consternation from all areas of the canine world, as evidenced by the sheer volume of readers’ letters received on the subject.


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