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The KC meets with DEFRA –
Animal welfare bill going forward

On Tuesday, 26 November 2002, representatives of the Kennel Club attended a meeting at DEFRA to discuss the Animal Welfare Bill as part of the government’s consultation process.

The KC were joined by other organisations which included the BVA, BSAVA, Council of Docked Breeds and the Anti-docking Alliance and the issues of tail docking and breed standards were specifically discussed.

Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club and Caroline Kisko, the KC Secretary, both attended the meeting to put the Kennel Club’s views forward and were pleased to be informed that consultation on the Bill will be on-going and that further representations can be made in the future.

Said Ronnie Irving, "We had a very constructive meeting at DEFRA and were pleased to have been invited. We put across the KC’s position in this matter and were satisfied to note that consultation will continue. We really feel that the Government are giving the opportunity for relevant parties to have their say more than ever before and for that, they should be applauded. The Kennel Club will continue to liaise with DEFRA to ensure that the best interests of dogs and owners are given first priority."