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What has a coat like sandpaper
and teeth like a vampire...?

...the answer is, of course, Billy – recently crowned Britain’s Ugliest Dog.

When Billy’s owner, Marilyn Flute, heard about the competition, his devoted owner knew he stood a better than average chance of clinching the prize.

Marilyn fell in love with Billy when she first spotted him in an RSPCA shelter eight years ago - where staff had given up hope of anyone offering him a home! “Billy was a stray, and it was easy to see why,” said Marilyn from Swinton in Yorkshire. “He had more teeth then but was still pretty ugly. No one wanted him and that made me feel sorry for him.”

The competition, which was organised by Bullseye TV Production, saw Billy win near maximum marks from all the judges. “There were gasps from the owners when Billy paraded for the judges, they couldn’t believe how ugly he is,” said Marilyn, “but he has been a marvellous pet, and I wouldn’t swap him for the world.”