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All About Dogs 2003
The Brentwood Centre Showground, Brentwood, Essex

Dogs, dogs and more dogs and their handlers and owners are all queuing up to take part in the All About Dogs Show to be held at Brentwood over the weekend of 10th/11th May 2003.

The event, which is hosted and organised by the renowned Essex Dog Display Team, is attracting entries, competitors, breeds and demonstrators from throughout the British Isles and looks set to be yet another major success. The whole show is designed to promote responsible dog ownership on a look, listen and take part basis.

The show commentator and renowned ‘doggie’ man Peter Purves, will be keeping everyone informed on the weekends activities. Peter said, ‘All About Dogs is an event that promotes the canine world brilliantly. The show is a great credit to Roy Dyer and his team who work so hard to involve everyone towards a better understanding of the canine world. I am delighted to be associated with the event’.

The entry fee does not in any way reflect the quality of the show. The organisers are charging just £2.00 admission each day, to ensure that access to the event is open to all. You are very welcome to bring your dogs along and take part, and this is most definitely a great day for enthusiasts, professionals and of course the public who may just be curious to find out All About Dogs.

The organisers have been inundated with enquiries about the 2003 show and are delighted that so many exhibitors, traders, display teams, breed advisors and demonstrators have already booked their place at this exciting show, which is probably the most comprehensive outdoor canine event in Europe

The main ring, which has an abundance of activities, promises to be yet another major attraction and will include displays and demonstrations. It has attracted some of the country’s top dogs and handlers who will be demonstrating on how it ‘should be done’, in showing, agility, obedience, working trials, gun dogs, flyball, search and rescue and Heelwork to Music, to name just a few. The Grand Parade, the finale each day, packs the main ring to full capacity, when all participants are invited to join in.

A very important section of the show will be the breed stands where members of the public can talk to the experts about their specific breed and gain extensive advice about the breeds on show. If you have an interest in the very popular Golden Retriever or the Old English Sheepdog or the very rare Russian Black Terrier, experts will be on hand to advise you. Over 50 different breeds will be exhibited and come with their own expert. Breed clubs will be demonstrating in the main and side rings, and showing the skill in handling a top show dog, or giving advice on how to start in the show dog world. Last year they answered thousands of questions and queries from members of the public who flocked to the breed stands.


The very popular Inter-Counties Police Dog Trial, attracts entries from throughout the country and will once again take place in it’s own arena on Sunday 11th May, with some of the countries very best Police dogs competing for the coveted Brentwood Cup. You are welcome to meet both the dogs and handlers and learn more about the role of the Working Police Dog.

If your question is ‘what sort of dog should I get’ or ‘what do Police dogs do’, ‘how do I train my dog to do agility’, ‘what type of dog is that’, or ‘how can I get my dog to work to music with me’ - All About Dogs has the answer to these and numerous other questions and queries.

The vast showground will once again be jammed packed with arena’s and will include demonstrations, displays and competitions from most disciplines of the dog world. If you like fast and furious action, flyball, huskies in harness and terrier and whippet racing will be for you. Have-a-go rings for the public include, obedience, agility, show, hide and seek, searching, and a scurry course – to name but a few, and a massive exemption show on both days with Saturday including several obedience rings.

Children are very welcome to attend this event because they are the future dog owners and the more information they can receive early, the fewer problems they are likely to have with their dogs later in life. The public are welcome to bring along their own dogs.

The show is open from 10am until 6pm each day.

All enquires to 01277 226624 or e. mail