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Bridlington RSPCA
second annual short story writing competition

The winner of the Bridlington RSPCA 2001 “Pets-R-Fun” writing competition was Mrs Jean Penn, of Elson, Gosport, Hampshire. She will receive a cheque for £100. Jean’s story was called Defending the Patch, relating how a pet cat saved her owner from a predatory salesman.

Runner-up was Helen Sneyd, of Brierly Hill, West Midlands, with her story Stand and Deliver, about a pet dog with Dick Turpin qualities. In third place was Maureen Graham, of Hetton-le Hole, Tyne and Wear, with Technique Perfected, a tale of obedience and a sausage.

These three stories will be published in an anthology containing the top twenty tales. The book will be available in the spring. Copies can be ordered at £2.50 per copy from Pets-R-Fun, Bridlington & District RSPCA, 42 Quay Road, Bridlington YO15 2AP.

Those whose stories will also appear in the anthology are: Diane Burgess, Birmingham; Mrs E B Johnson, Middlesex; Johnathon Bryant, West Sussex; Allison Heward, Shropshire; Lyn Haw, Hull; Penny Grubb, East Yorkshire; Moll Ivor, Lancashire; Valery Bowes, Surrey; Joan Condon, Northants; Gareth Gwyn- Williams, Kent; Laura Sheridan, Lancs; Jane Palmer, Suffolk; Pat Wilson, Cheshire; Delphine Richards, Wales; Sue Robinson, Dorset; Valerie Reeves, Hull; Aine Maire Chadwick, Northumberland.

The winning entry this year chosen by Denise Robertson, well-known novelist and TV personality. In her foreword for the anthology, Denise says:”I’m looking for good writing certainly , but also for that genuine love of animals we’d expect in such a competition. You’ll find that love in abundance in these stories, never mawkish or cloying, just a real appreciation of the character and personality of the animals concerned.”

Bridlington RSPCA’s third short story writing competition is titled “Animal Magic,” and £100 will be awarded to the best entry. Stories between 1,000 and 1,200 words may be entered, and there is a £2.50 entry fee (plus £2.50 if an anthology is ordered at the same time). The deadline for entries is 31st October. A list of the rules can be obtained from: Animal Magic, Bridlington & District RSPCA, 42 Quay Road, Bridlington, YO15 2AP. Entries should be sent to that address.

Bridlington RSPCA ended last year on a high note. Its carol singing at Safeways and Tescos raised £1,000 while £290 was raised by Roving Rover. This cuddly toy was hired out and fostered in various homes. He was also taken on holiday and his diary was written by those caring for him. During December, a draw from those names was held to find him a permanent home, and Miss Diane Wilson, of Cambridge Street, Bridlington, now has a new pet.