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‘Cookie’ injured in attack

OUR DOGS readers will be concerned to know that eighty-one year old Freda Cooke (Famecheck Westies), was attacked and beaten about the head and body by burglars on the night of Sunday 20th January.

Apparently the burglars broke down Miss Cooke’s front door at around midnight, smashed her telephone to prevent her phoning the police and took an amount of money. Unknown to the burglars Miss Cooke was later able to reach a second phone which they had failed to find, and so call for help. Unfortunately the police did not arrive in time to apprehend the criminals, but smashed down the back door in order to rescue Miss Cooke and get her to hospital in Cambridge.

At the time of going to press we understand that Miss Cooke has been discharged from the hospital and sent to a nursing home to recover from the assault.

Anglia Television featured the attack on their Monday evening regional news, and it is hoped that this will encourage anyone who might have any information about the incident to come forward and inform the police.