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Dedicated to promoting the dog

ON JANUARY 25th 2002, The Kennel Club hosted its annual Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) Awards, where Clubs are officially recognised for their efforts in promoting responsible dog ownership and co-ordinating Good Citizen Training Courses throughout 2001.

This year’s competition attracted over 70 entries throughout the country and the judges were very impressed by both the quality of the entries and the dedication of the dog training clubs.

Local Councils / Further Education Centres / Agricultural Colleges
/ Charities / Armed Forces Bases winners Left to Right Kevin Teesdale of Bielefeld TC,
Peter James KC Chairman and Annette Crisp.

In each category, the judges awarded a first, second and third prize:

Category A - for Kennel Club Registered Training Clubs / Registered Ringcraft Societies / GCDS Listed Status

1st Place and Overall Winner - Hertfordshire South (Hatfield) & District Dog Training Club

• Since the Scheme’s inception in 1992 the Club have achieved 277 Bronze, 61 Silver and 26 Gold passes.

• In 2001, the Club ran eight Good Citizen tests, which produced 52 Bronze, 20 Silver and four Gold passes.

• The Club promotes the Young Kennel Club (YKC) and proactively educates young members on all aspects of responsible dog ownership. Volunteers also give educational talks to schools.

• In 2001 the Club conducted multi level Scheme demonstrations and testing at events, festivals and fairs.

• Three members of the Club have joined the Kennel Club Accreditation of Dog Training Instructors Scheme and all Club instructors attend regular seminars to keep abreast of methods and canine training issues.

2nd Place - Aricia Dog Training Club (Shropshire)

3rd Place - Last year’s winner, Alpha Dog Training Club (London)

Kennel Club Chairman Mr Peter James, Heidi Lawrence who administrates
the KCGCDS and Mr Bill Hardaway

Category B - Local Councils/Further Education Centres/Agricultural Colleges/Charities/Armed Forces Bases(1st placing on offer only)

1st Place - Bielefield Dog Club (Bielefield, Germany)

• The Club was established three years ago to train servicemen with their pet dogs living on the barracks but has recently expanded to include families and workers with their pets dogs based at the barracks.

• In 2001 the Club ran 20 GCDS tests which culminated in 26 Bronze, 12 Silver and nine Gold passes.

• The Club also runs courses on canine first aid, grooming and puppy foundation assessments.

• The Club is run by an experienced Security Dog Section handler.

l Winners of the Listed Status and Kennel Club Registered Herts South
(Hatfield and District Dog Training Club) Top Row - Left to right Gill Johnson,
John Hill, Peter James (Chairman of The Kennel Club), Jane Allen 2nd Row -
Left to right Gill Clow with her Munsterlander ‘Flair’, Joan Lavender with
her Golden Retriever, Kiri, Carole Oliver with her American Cocker Spaniel, Carmen.

Category C - Kennel Club Registered Breed Clubs/Kennel Club General Canine Clubs/Specialist Canine Events

1st Place - East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club


• The Club promotes the ‘Domino’ Campaign (, a joint campaign between the Kennel Club and concerned dog owners to oppose Breed Specific Legislation throughout the world. The Stafford, and other breeds, are currently being persecuted in Germany, which contradicts Domino’s campaign call to ‘Punish the Deed, not the Breed!’

• The Club arranges an annual funday for all Stafford owners to help promote responsible dog ownership

• In 2001 the Club conducted four Good Citizen Tests, which produced 12 Bronze and eight Silver passes. To date the Club has achieved 24 Bronze, 11 Silver and one Gold pass.

• The Club holds regular Scheme training and testing days throughout the year.

2nd Place - City of Birmingham Canine Association

3rd Place - Sheringham and District Kennel Association (Norfolk)

The East Anglian SBT Club winners, left to right, Harry Coble, Mary Coble,
KC Peter James and Wendy Clewley

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the many benefits associated with dog ownership. Over 9300 Good Citizen certificates were awarded in 2001 and over 52,000 dogs and owners have now passed through the Scheme, which is now in its tenth year. For more information please contact Heidi Lawrence, 020 7518 1011.