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European show is postponed

AFTER A crisis meeting at the French Kennel Club (SCC) last week held after we had gone to press, a statement was released announcing the postponement of the European Show which was due to be held in Paris in April.

A serious fire at the Le Bourget venue north of Paris last week prompted rumours of cancellation but these were iniatially denied.

Subject to the agreement of the FCI, the show will be held on November 9th.,10th.,11th., the dates originally reserved for the French National Championships.

The announcement of the change of date comes after the Longchamps National Championship show was cancelled in June 2001 to the Le Bourget venue last November and the change of venue to Le Bourget from Villepinte for the European Show which itself is now postponed!

This will give exhibitors the opportunity of gaining three possible titles in one show - French Champion, European Champion and International (Beauty) Champion for those without a CACIB.

The last European Show was held in France in 1974.

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