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Helping Hand for Hearing Dogs

Lisa Wigmore and Ben Sargeant with dogs Paige and Adam.

HEARING DOGS for Deaf People has received a healthy boost, thanks to a nationwide competition to find the Supa Dog of the Year.

The donation of £500 to the Lewknor based charity came after hundreds of people entered the Supa Dog of the Year Competition, organised by North Yorkshire based Burgess Supafeeds.

The national competition was launched earlier this year to find Britain’s Supa Dog of the Year. Well known television personality and dog fan Peter Purves supported the search aimed at putting dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds into the spotlight.

Raising cash and awareness for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Burgess Supafeeds has donated £1 for every competition entry received.

Lisa Wigmore from the charity said: ‘Every donation we receive is greatly appreciated, we train hundreds of dogs each year so as you can imagine the cost of running the training centre can be quite high.’

Burgess Supa Dog Marketing Manager Sarah Riddolls said: ‘We were delighted to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The charity carries out some marvellous work and we are pleased that the Supa Dog of the Year competition also assisted in raising funds for such a worthwhile cause.’