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Huge rise in export fees

IATA, the airline association, has announced that all airfreight rates will rise today 1st February 2002, writes Mike Parish, Par Air Livestock Shipping Services.

British Airways has the highest freight rise on all their destinations. Minimum charges have altered, which means that not all destinations in Europe will have the same rate.

By far the greatest rise will be for dogs and cats shipped to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Middle East. In some cases the cost of sending a large dog to New Zealand will increase by £200.

Freight rates to the USA and Canada will now depend on which airline is used. American owned airlines are not governed by I.A.T.A. therefore they will all have cheaper freight rates to various destinations within North America.

This freight rise will hit the pet shipping trade most as livestock already incurs a 150% surcharge on the normal freight rate.

Dog owners who have received quotations for shipping dogs and cats should contract their pet shipping agent for an estimate.