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Golden Bone Awards 2001

Open Show of the Year

Luton Canine Association for consistently developing the supported show entry concept.

Bolton Town Show for creating massive local public awareness and offering excellent
facilities for exhibitors.

Kent County Canine Association for consistent quality and high entries.

Writer of the Year

Joyce Stranger - for her many books about animals that have encouraged dog ownership & dog care.

Frank Jackson - for his regulare contributions to Our Dogs over the last 25 years.

Andrew Brace - for his contributions to Dog World.

Carolyn Menteith - freelance writer for Dogs Today who can be relied upon to provide
a lively interesting and thoughtful view.

Breeder of the Year

Bert Easdon - for his continued success with generation of Pekinese having won
Dog of the Year and the Pet Plan Junior Stakes.

Louvaine Coxon
- for her continued success with generations of Miniature Dachshunds
and who has won the DW/Friskies Pup of the Year competition twice.

Christina Bailey - for her continued successes with her fantastic line of Old English Sheepdogs.

Exhibitor of the Year

Margaret Barron - for her constant encouragement of new exhibitors.

Vivienne Phillips - for her many successes in the UK and Europe. She has won a group at
Crufts and she was the first UK exhibitor to win BIS at the Amsterdam All Winners show
in 2000 with her Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen.

Mike Gadsby - for his continued success in special stakes events, shows in the UK and
now Europe in many breeds but most especially American Cockers.

Company of the Year

Friskies - for their sponsorship of the Golden Bonio Awards which have run for a number
of years highlighting responsible dog ownership.

Purina Pro-Plan - for their imaginative support of canine charities including the
Contest of Champions.

Pets At Home - for their support of PAT Dogs, their Charity of the Year that raised £50,000.

Charity of the Year

Pets as Therapy - The charity that encourages pet owners to take their dogs to those
who are unable to have a dog of their own.

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf - A charity that train dogs for the deaf to give them a greater
degree of independence and dignity.

PRO-Dogs - Public Relations organisation set up by Leslie Scott-Ordish that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

TV Personality of the Year

The Daz Dogs - for their engaging and humorous roles promoting the real soap,
sponsors of the Yorkshire Dales soap opera Emmerdale.

Endal - for his support of Gulf War Veteran, Allan Parton & his continuing high profile public relations & charity role for Canine Partners for Independence. He appears regularly on television.

Danny - The seven month old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier that is the mascot for
Marie Curie Cancer Care and has played the part of Sandy in Annie alongside Lilly Savage.

Pet Dog of the Year

Ross - 6 year old Irish Wolfhound x Border Collie cross who won the RSPCA Dog of the Year award in 2001. Ross raises money for the RSPCA, PDSA and NCDL. He has been a wonderful companion to his owner, Norma Rafferty, since the death of her son three years ago.

Hector - was originally selected as an assistance dog by Canine Partners for Independence
but was withdrawn because of medical problems. However, his puppy foster parent,
Linda Thompson took him on permanently and now promotes the charity very successfully, educating children and parents about disability and how dogs prove invaluable.

Bear - a Newfoundland, for his regular attendance at the children’s hospice in Barnstable
and raising £180,000 for the charity. He has taken special care of Daniel and Adam Budd
at a children’s hospice in Barnstaple. He is currently being trained as a lifesaver dog.

Support dog of the year

Rosie - support dog for Andrea Smith and her spectacular abilities include pushing the button at Pelican crossings.

Jake - for his constant attention to his owner, Neil, who is blind and severely disabled. He
provides physical support (Neil uses him as a brace when he needs to transfer himself from wheel chair to bed) as well as help and assistance. Jake is also an active fundraiser for Support Dogs.

Echo - was trained by Canine Partners for Independence and is a support dog for Enid, who has Multiple Sclerosis. Enid can only get about in a wheelchair but despite her frailty,
remains adventurous. Echo has twice saved her life - once when her wheel chair slid down
a bank and once when her house caught fire.

Working dog of the year

Daisy - the New York Guide Dog who led her owner to safety.

Meg - was the winner of the PRO-Dogs Gold Medal Award for Life-saving 2000 and the
Wag award for Bravery 2000. Meg, with handler Des Toward, has made four successful
rescue missions in County Durham during her career as a search and rescue dog.
In 2000 she detected a man who had been missing for two days who, the doctors say,
would have died within a few hours had he not been found.

Teasel Aslacton - winner of the Pedigree Mini-agility final for the second year running.

Show dog of the year

Ch Jethard Cidevant - the Basenji who won Best in Show at Crufts 2001.

Ch Yakee A Dangerous Liaison
- The Pekinese, the winner of the Pedigree Top Dog
Competition 2001 and a consistent winner of top awards for his owner Bert Easdon.

Ch Ainsea The Diplomat - Jean Malleys Irish Wolfhound, winner of the Pedigree Champion
Stakes Final in 2001.

Charity supporter of the Year

Peter Purves - for his continuing work for Dogs for the Disabled and the Canine Supporters
Charity. Peter is Patron of the Canine Supporters Charity and Vice-Patron of Dogs for the
Disabled. He almost always attends fund raising and awareness raising functions for them
as well as promoting responsible dog ownership in many areas.

Katie Boyle - for her many years of support for all causes canine. Katie has been a member
of the Committee of the Dogs Home Battersea for many years and has always been supportive of animal charities, promoting responsible dog ownership in many different ways.
She has no hesitation in approaching and berating people who she feels are not treating
their dogs properly.

Annette Crosbie - for her many years of unstinting work with greyhound rescue charities.

Lifetime achievement award

Maureen Hennis - for her work and support of Pets as Therapy.

Anne Conway - for her work in setting up Canine Partners for Independence.
She has also been active in PRO-Dogs, and is a Trustee for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
and works for Cocker Spaniel rescue.

Karina le Mare - for her work in promoting and organising the Contest of Champions in
aid of the Canine Supporters Charity, this year celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

TV Presenter of the Year

Bruce Fogel - for his wide range of television and media work including books and lectures.

Jessica Holm - for her sensitive and thoughtful presentations in the Crufts programmes.

Shauna Lowrie - for the Crufts programme and for the Battersea Dogs Home series.

Effective campaigner of the Year

Carla Lane - for her life time support of animal rights and animal welfare.
Carla supports her chosen charities financially but also with tremendous personal effort.

Pauline Ludlow - for the founding of the New Forest Dog Owners’ Group that persuaded
the Forestry Commission to rescind its rule banning dog walking on its property throughout
the UK in 2001.

Ann Harpwood - for her founding and management of Justice for Dogs.
A charity that campaigns for the recognition of the rights of dog owners and fights,
though the courts, on their behalf.