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Burgess Supa Dog supports
retriever judging seminar

BURGESS SUPA Dog is to sponsor the second running of a ground breaking retriever-judging seminar in North Yorkshire.

And the organisers have met with a huge response with judges travelling from all over the world to take part.

Following the huge success of the two-day seminar held three years ago at Wintringham in North Yorkshire the team is working to put on an even bigger and better event.

The seminar will take place on April 20 and 21, 2002 and will bring together some of the country’s top field trial judges to offer help and advice.

Organiser Graham Stephenson said” “We are delighted Burgess Supa Dog has agreed to support the seminar again.

“The first event was so successful that we decided we had to set about organising another one. We had been all set to repeat the event last year before the on set of the Foot and Mouth epidemic put a hold on proceedings.

“The intention of the seminar is to simulate situations, which could confront a judge at a field trial. The trainee judges will be under the watchful eye of an experienced judging panel, which will assess any of the scenarios that may occur.

“Tuition on the correct procedure for dog stewarding will also be available for field trail secretaries, club committee members or helpers at working tests or field trails”.

Burgess Supa Dog Marketing Manager Sarah Riddolls said: “We are looking forward to supporting the retriever judging seminar again. Supa Valu for Working and Sporting Dogs, and Supa Dog Active with Moist Meaty Chunks are particularly suited for working dogs”.

Throughout both days, time and facilities will be set aside for the judging panel to give their options.

Added Graham: “The two day seminar is intended to bring together everyone with the same approach and thinking to field trail judging.

“This is the opportunity that many new Kennel Club ‘B’ panel judges and potential judges have been asking for”.

Judges will include such well known names as John and Sandra Halstead, Billy Steel, Bill Ferguson, Alan Thornton, Dave Garbutt and Mike Knox.

For further information and to enquire about a place on the seminar contact Graham Stephenson on (01723) 859862.