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Cheshire Dogs’ Home
– can you help by giving a dog another chance?

CHESHIRE DOGS’ Home is appealing for prospective owners to come forward and adopt the following four long stay dogs. All these dogs are young, playful and affectionate, and would repay many times over the affection and care they receive.

Megan, Dog No 29: Megan is a medium-sized, brindle and white female. She is only 18 months old. Megan does not show herself well to people as she is quite shy at first but once she gets to know you, she is very friendly and affectionate. She would suit a young family or a person who can give her lots of exercise as she loves to go for walks and play ‘fetch’. She has been microchipped and fully vaccinated. She has been at the Cheshire Home since 24th April 2001.

Spider, Dog No 2: Spider is a black and white, medium sized male dog. He is two years old and is friendly and affectionate. He loves to play with balls and go for walks. He would suit a family or owner who could give him plenty of exercise. He has been in kennels for a very long time since 8 December 2000. He would make somebody a great pet and companion.

Bill, Dog No 47: Bill is a sable and tan, smooth coated large male dog, approximately two years old. He likes to play ball and is friendly with people and other dogs. He is obedient and will come to you when called. He would need to be with someone who can give him the exercise he needs and who has quite a lot of space. Bill has been at Cheshire since 17th July 2001 and is desperate to find a loving home.

Ben, Dog No 57: Ben is a sable and tan, smooth coated, large male dog, approximately 18 months old. He gets on with other dogs. He is quite a shy dog but very friendly. Once he gets to know you, he will never leave your side. Ben is fully vaccinated and microchipped and has been at Cheshire since 17th July 2001. He would make somebody an extremely loyal and affectionate companion.

Cheshire Dogs’ Home is open six days a week, 1pm to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and 1pm to 4pm on Sundays. The kennels are situated at 225 Knutsford Rd, Grappenhall, Warrington, tel 01925 269500 - so come and find your new ‘Best Friend’. Cheshire Dogs’ Home is a subsidiary of Manchester Dogs’ Home.