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Cleverdogs 2002

Have you got a good Agility dog who is also a good Flyball dog - then perhaps you’ve got a great Cleverdog!

Cleverdogs is a mixture of the accuracy and athleticism of Agility and the speed and power of Flyball. It is normally for two dogs competing head to head over identical courses and will be in its sixth year in 2002. It is a show-stopping spectacle enjoyed by both competitors and spectators alike.

Dogs simply love it and start by negotiating matching agility courses consisting of up to 10 obstacles. These obstacles will be familiar to the trained Agility dog but a few have been modified for Cleverdogs. For instance, there are no contact points -hoops have replaced the and the size of the dog walk and collapsible tunnel have been reduced. There are also no faults. If any obstacle is not negotiated correctly the dog must redo that obstacle before proceeding. This includes dropped jump poles where the dog has to re-run between the jump wings. Once a dog has completed the Agility course it can start the Flyball which consists of the standard layout and equipment, although the maximum height of the jumps is reduced.

The first dog to complete both the Agility and Flyball sections correctly is the winner of that leg. This year there are Championships for both normal height dogs and mini dogs, ABC dogs as well as pairs competitions. The Championships are decided by the dogs best five results of the year, so they do not have to compete at every round.

ALVAH who manufacture Agility and Flyball Equipment are the Sponsors for Cleverdogs in 2002 which will be taking place at Country Shows all over the UK.

The show dates for 2002 are as follows: 30th 31st March & 1st April - Thame Country Show, 5th 6th May - Knebworth Country Show, 2nd 3rd 4th June - Hampshire Country Show, 22nd 23rd June - The Middlesex Show, Uxbridge, Middlesex, 3rd 4th August - Nostell Priory Country Show, 24th 25th 26th August - Four Counties Country Show, 21st 22nd September - Eastnor Castle Country Show, 28th 29th September - Essex Country Show.

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