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Guide Dogs Bravery Awards for American Dogs

THE GUIDE Dogs for the Blind Association presented two special awards to commend the outstanding bravery of two American guide dogs who saved the lives of their owners at the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.

With these awards, Guide Dogs is commending the heroism of guide dog Roselle, who demonstrated remarkable courage in leading her owner Michael Hingson to safety and also of guide dog Salty for rescuing owner Omar Rivera, during the attack on the Twin Towers.

A representative of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association presented two trophies at the Assistance Dogs International Meeting at the St Anthony Hotel, San Antonio in Texas, USA on Monday January 14 2002.

Geraldine Peacock, Guide Dogs’ Chief Executive, says: “Time and time again, we are humbled by the sheer devotion guide dogs demonstrate towards their owners. However, the bravery that both these dogs showed when facing the dreadful conditions in the Twin Towers and leading their owners to safety is quite extraordinary.

“Guide dogs are trained to look after their owners’ needs and guide them through difficult situations, but this was clearly unprecedented and both dogs handled themselves with tremendous courage and devotion. We are extremely proud of them and are honoured to commend them for their outstanding acts of courage.

“The exemplary behaviour of these dogs in circumstances that could never be anticipated during their training is a credit to the professional staff and organisations that prepare guide dogs with such thorough and high standards of training”.