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MEP & K.C. highlight ‘anti-dog’ legislation to Euro MPs

Theresa Villiers, Conservative Member of the European Parliament for London, organised a meeting with the European Parliament’s Intergroup on the welfare and conservation of animals and representatives of the Kennel Club last Wednesday February 6th at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Representatives of Domino Dogs Deutschland also attended the meeting to make a presentation.

Readers will recall the launch of the Kennel Club’s Domino Campaign at Discover Dogs in November 2000 in an effort to highlight the effect of breed specific legislation across Europe.

Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg Theresa Villiers said, “This meeting will be a useful opportunity for MEPs to hear the concerns of dog owners and breeders about dangerous dog legislation. The Kennel Club has campaigned vigorously to safe guard the British Staffordshire Bull Terrier (and many other bullbreeds Ed.), against German legislation that has classified it as a dangerous dog. I fully support the Kennel Club in their campaign to ‘Punish the deed, not the breed.’ “

Theresa Villiers continued, “The presence of Domino Dogs Deutschland at this meeting will be of particular importance in highlighting to fellow MEPs the disastrous consequences German legislation is having on family pets and their owners. We now face the threat of even more breeds of dog being classified as ‘dangerous’ by states across Germany.”

“I will continue to listen to the concerns of pet owners and breeders in their campaign to safeguard many British breeds and campaign with them to safe guard the interests of perfectly safe, family pets and companions. I hope that this meeting will play a useful role in ensuring that the absurdity of ‘barking mad’ dangerous dog legislation remains at the top of the political agenda.”

Theresa Villiers MEP spoke about canine breed specific legislation within Europe. Mrs Caroline Kisko - Secretary of the Kennel Club - discussed the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act and Mr Harold Wiegland - Chairman of Domino Dogs Deutschland - spoke about Germany’s anti-dog legislation.