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Pedigree Stakes Finals 2001

Dennis and Clare Coxall with Norma and Bob Gregory

Mr Bill King of Masterfoods presents Mrs Olga Bullock with flowers in appreciation of the contribution she and her late husband Ken made to the stakes’ finals in the past.

Driffield secretary Martin Freeman and his wife June

Mrs Pat Gill, Mrs Liz Holmes-Leak Mrs Olga Bullock and Mr Eric Gill

Leeds chairman Mr Jim Outterside pictured with secretary Mrs Liz Stannard
and committee member Mrs Margaret Backhouse

Blackpool committee member Mr Peter Bailey, Mrs Irene Bennett,
Mr Jack Bennett and seated second from the left Darlington secretary
Mrs Freda Marshall and fellow committee members

Mr Henry Mate a regular from Bilbao Mrs Averil Cawthera-Purdy,
Mrs Angela Cavill and Mr Vincent Hogan of OUR DOGS

David Cavill with Mrs Zola Rawson, Janet Kay and Mr Doug Kitchener