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Sealyham bitch missing

Daisy, a three year old pedigree Sealyham Terrier bitch and the much loved pet of Mr & Mrs Powell, is thought to have been taken on the morning of Friday January 18 from a farmhouse garden in Martley Worcestershire.

A man approached the owners on the pretext of using their land for rabbiting, when he saw Daisy he showed an instant interest and quite a lot of knowledge of the breed. Approximately an hour after he left Daisy went missing.

The man was smartly dressed and about 40 years old, 5ft 10 with short greying hair. He was driving a navy suzuki 4 x 4 with a silver soft top.

Anybody who could help with any information about this man please contact owners Mr & Mrs Powell, tel 01886-821089 or the police tel 01562-820888.