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Wolf trust plans Spring seminar

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust Spring Seminar will be held on Sunday, 24 March at Brockhurst School, near Newbury, Berkshire.

The Seminar will be followed by short walks with some of the wolves. Tickets are £14 to include a Buffet Lunch. For details telephone Kez Wilder on 0118 967 5783 or Roger Palmer on 0118 971 3330.

Monty Sloan, staff photographer and wolf behaviour specialist, will be coming from Wolf Park Indiana, US, to present a synopsis of the status and history of wolves in North America.

Monty will talk about the current recovery programmes in Greater Yellowstone, the Mexican Wolf recovery programme and Red wolf recovery in the south eastern US, as well as discussing wolf-human conflicts, their causes and prevention. Some of Monty’s photographic work will be on display.

The second speaker is Dee Woodcock who takes as her topic “Pack? What Pack? A modern view of how the dog lives in a human world”. Dee is a Fellow of the Animal Care College, and has written many courses in canine psychology, canine behaviour, nutrition, health care and care and management of dogs which are delivered worldwide through Open Learning.

She is a qualified behaviour consultant working with owners and problem dogs. She is behaviour consultant to this magazine, and writes regularly for us, for Our Dogs, and for Eukanuba magazine.