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The Golden Bone Awards 2002 - Report

Stunning success for second Golden Bone

THE WORLD of dogs has its shows, its finals, its competitions ... now it truly has its own Oscars. We had it all last Saturday night, the lights, the music, the celebs, the emotion and underpinning the whole night, the dogs and the genuine feeling for dogs shown by the whole audience.

Last year we all thought the launching of the Golden Bone awards was brave, yet the organisers pulled it off with an excellent night that met with universal approval. The writers at the time said, how could it be bettered. Well, anyone who was at the Radisson Hotel at Manchester Airport on Saturday night will bear witness to the fact that it was!

Mrs Wendy Bassant, Nancy Bassant of OUR DOGS
with fellow guests Claire Greenwood and Sue Elliott.

Taking the text from the well produced Souvenir programme, the organisers (The Pet Role Trust and Our Dogs together with the Susie Mathis organisation) had wanted from the outset to raise the profile of dogs in the media. There are too many examples of the media at large taking the opportunity to look at the negative aspects of dogs and dog ownership, here was the perfect forum to help to redress the balance.

Helen Fox of the Kennel Club pictured with Ben and Paula Reynolds- Frost
of Luton C A which was among the final three in the best open show catagory

... and that’s exactly what happened as the show world met working dogs, pet dogs met TV celebrities, Kennel Club people mixed with Open Show organisers and exhibitors and the media took hundreds of photos and yards of footage as one fantastic award followed another. Some heartwarming stories had tears in the eyes of not only the nominees, but also many members of the audience.

The awards were again superbly lined by Kevin Horkin and Vince Hogan whilst a massive video screen projected nominees names, winners sponsors, logos and more. The Kennel Clubs Charitable Trust started the night off well receiving a donation of £1000 from the pet Role Trust as Dave Cavill and Kevin Horkin presented a ‘big’ cheque to Trustee Mike Stockman.

Sporting his bow-tie like the rest was the famous labrador Endal
pictured here with Thomas Hogan and Mr Nick Farrugia of the Kennel Club.

Big thanks were given to everyone who had worked so hard to make the night such a big success including the key supporters Intervet and Purina Pro Plan, the Our Dogs backroom staff and everyone who had nominated, voted, and especially those who had bought a ticket and come on the night.

A full report of all the action will appear in next weeks issue, but it must be said right from the outset that there is no other event which recognised such a breadth of achievement across the complete spectrum of dog ownership ... pedigree and cross breed alike. It is remarkable that such a professional and prestigious night like this has virtually ‘arrived’ on the dog scene almost overnight.

Keeping in with the law and increased security at the Radisson Hotel is Nicola Collins
of OUR DOGS, OUR DOGS Diector Mrs Angela Cavill and Mr Kevin Horkin -
Media Director of OUR DOGS and founder of The Pet Role Trust.

In the light of the Kennel Clubs April think tank meeting on how to develop dogs and dog shows for the future and to raise awareness in dog ownership, then the National Golden Bone Awards night deserves every accolade it gets and equally deserves the support both of dog people and the trade next year.

Surely this event is on the fringe of being very, very big!

Mr Dave Killilea, Mrs Marion Spavin and Dr Wayne Welch from Barbados

Mr Ian Hardman of Bolton Town show (centre) joins in the fun in the hotel foyer
as the Kennel Club mascot ‘Casey’ poses with dinner guests for the camera.

Luncheon vouchers? - that will do nicely!!!! Cynthia Payne and Chris McArdle of OUR DOGS.

Susan and George Reynolds chairman of Darlington Football Club,
with Troy Titus-Adams, Cynthia Payne, Kevin Horkin and Captain Karl Cambridge

Claire Parry-Baggott of Purina, Phil Taylor collects his food pack,
Amand Beasley and Vince Hogan Managing Director of OUR DOGS.