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Heartfelt thanks

Saturday night at the National Golden Bone Awards has to be amongst one of the proudest and happiest I have had for such a long time.

Endal has worked so hard either looking after me or in his PR role, his tail never stops wagging from sun rise to sun rise (even in his sleep). For him to be recognised in respect of the award is amazing, you've made his partner the proudest "Dog owner alive".

Having lost so many memories that most people take for granted, the children's first steps, their first day at school... getting married... the things that truly matter. To experience the pride that I felt Saturday night is a very close second to those lost memories and one that I will treasure dearly. Thank you all for giving me that opportunity to reach emotions lost.

Please pass on my thanks to all the crew that made the evening possible and such a success. I have attended some similar events but none which seemed to remain truly focused on the aim, recognising the work of the dogs and people who give their all in the canine field. The emotion of the day hit home in the early hours of Sunday morning when privately the tears flowed. It seemed so far from the days in day care, so many miles Endal had pulled from me that hell I was then stuck in.

While we stayed in Manchester for the four days Endal and I were just so "Enabled" by the Northern folk, be it the hotel staff, the organisers, the guests on the night or just people we met while out and about. If we needed help it was so freely given, nothing was too much of a problem and many new friends were made.

When we thundered down that runway Sunday we really didn't need an aircraft to fly that high. Endal put his head on my lap and it dawned on me just how much he has helped me achieve in life. If Sandra and I do eventually re-marry, my best man will have four legs and a really waggy tail.

Thank you for all you and your team do to enable people like me and dogs like Endal through your work.

Yours etc.
Allen and Endal