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Stolen puppy

On monday night I got a phone call from a lady to whom I sold a puppy. She told me that the puppy had been stolen by a young man in a baseball cap and that he was driving a yellow punto.

She was very upset she said it felt like she had lost a baby I would be grateful if you would print this notes in your paper. I have your paper order every week from my newsagents. I show my dogs which are staffordshire bull terries. The lady bought the puppy to show.

staffordshire bull terrier puppy dog, 5 months old, Black / Brindle with patch of white on paw and chest, very friendly.

Last seen Saturday 16 Feb., 4.30pm on newham way, coulby newham, middlesbrough cleveland. being put into a yellow punto car.


phone (01642) 281299 or mobiles: 07855765991 or 07814627742 with info!

yours hopefully Michael McGee. (NABSTAFF)