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Beacons lit in protest on eve of bill’s enactment

A NUMBER of hillside beacons were lit on the Eve of the Scottish Parliament’s historic debate which saw the outlawing of hunting with hounds in Scotland.

The first beacons were lit on Monday, February 11th at Meadowhead Farm, Liberton, Edinburgh and Cathkin Braes Park, Glasgow, which overlooks the Cathcart constituency of Labour MSP Mike Watson, who sponsored the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill.
Beacons continued to be lit throughout Scotland until the Scottish Parliament voted on the Bill on Wednesday, 13th February.

Allan Murray, Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said: “There is a deep well of anger in the countryside at this piece of legislation. The beacons are symbols of our protest at a Bill that will ruin the lives of many people in the countryside.

“Rural people feel betrayed by a parliament they hoped would serve all of Scotland rather than be a platform for people to air their ill judged prejudices. The countryside is being let down and we hope that MSPs will consider this before they vote on Wednesday.”