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Dobermann Classic Competition 2002

A Dobermann enthusiast’s dream!
report by David Cavill

Thirty-five of 2001 top winning Dobermanns (and two hundred Dobermann enthusisats) gathered at the Heathrow Park Hotel on Saturday evening 16th February to battle in a special match judged by Hungarian hound and working specialist Dr Miklos Levente.

It was a glamorous night in every sense with a reception, dinner and dancing as well as the the exciting competition. The hard working committee raising money for the Dobermann Land Fund (the breed owns its own showground in Hertfordshire) included Aileen Elliot, Derek King, Glyn Payne all of whom had terrific support from a team of fund raisers, stewards and assured commentator David Spencer. The five remaining in the last round were Moordale Ever So Supetas, Sallate Hunter for Marchtay, Amazon Love Potion at Arbrodin,Ch. Cloudybay Dead Ringer for Amazon and Chancepixies Aura. It was a great lineup from a group of lovely dogs with Amazon Love Potion at Arbrodin (right) finally called out to the top spot.

report by Marcia Cox

The Dobermann Club 'Land Fund' Sub Committee held their 'Dobermann Classic' & Dinner and Dance on Saturday 16th February at the Heathrow Park Hotel, Longford. Winners of 'CC' and multi 'RCC' winners were invited to this prestegious event.

The following thirty-nine Dobermanns accepted their invitations for the show. Ch Dizown To Die For at Amazon, Ch Amazon Oh What A Knight, Amazon Love Potion at Abrodin, Ch Cloudybay Dead Ringer for Amazon, Amazon Love's A Risky Business at Ottia, Izralight Take A Chance On Me at Ottia, Othertons Country Gent, Jowendys Dr Feelgood for Amazon JW, Swnydwr Crimestopper JW, Ourose Sunshine, Ch Miendys Soba Up JW, Aritaur A Little More Soba, Aritaur Flip Fantasia JW, Manzart Eager Beaver, Ch Manzart C'Est La Vie, Manzart Ever Smiling JW, Neartic High Treason of Shagraan, Ch Neartic Nick the Biscuit JW, Ch Krieger Sure Shot JW, Krieger Storm JW, CH Kreiger Rhythum N' Blues, Teemaure's Groundforce, Keyalas Wot A Thriller JW, Keyala's Latest Thrill, Ch Hikays She's Intoxicating at Marchtay, Sallate Hunter for Marchtay, Illustria Chartreuse, Bosskat Apollo, Ch Chancepixies Monopolist, Lintoya Midnight Storm at Telenndu JW, Vonmannan Gucci, Ch Supetas Caughtya' Dreaming Jw, Supetas Witch Woman, Supetas Positively Perfect, Moordale Ever So Supetas, Supetas Lyin' Eyes For Sizlin, Triemburg Moonlite Serende, Hikays Rumors Have it.

The evening began with a three-course dinner followed by an auction, promptly after auction the show began. Dr Miklos Levente from Hungary was invited to judge the show. A draw took place and the dogs were judged in groups of two over three rounds, when the judge had the final five.

The final line up was: Lynne Jones' bitch Moordale Ever So Supetas, Linda March's Sallate Hunter for Marchtay, Angela Evans & Paul Andre's , Amazon Love Potion at Abrodin, Clive & Nancy Evans & James McEwan's Ch Cloudybay Dead Ringer for Amazon, Dave Anderson & Jean Frost's Chancepixies Aura. The judge moved and assessed them again, taking his time before picking is outright winner of 'The Dobermann Classic'. The winner was Angela and Paul Andre's Amazon Love Potion at Abrodin. The judge presented the winner with a fabulous Crystal trophy donated by Particular Products and 15kg bad of food from Royal Canin. The Runners-up received glass trophies and 15kg bag of food all donated by Royal Canin. Burgess Superdogs donated a bag of food for each exhibit.

Winner of The Dobermann Classic 2002 - Amazon Love Potion at Abrodin
with Angela Evans and Judge Dr Miklos Levente.

The Dobermann Club Land Fund Committee: Aline Elliot, Margaret King, Dave Elliot, Marcia Cox, Sue Glennon, Les Bridges, Matt Holmes, Toni Heavey, Colin Heavey, Sue Coster, Rick Coster, Mark Stevens, would like to say a big thank you to the following people, David Spencer-Commentator of the event, Marcia Cox -Ring Steward, Glenn Paine, Dave Elliott and Mack Mcmillan - Collection Stewards. The Dobermann Club Committee and Chairman Derek King. Also to all those that came to the event and the sponsors; Royal Canin, Burgess Superdog, Frosts Rosettes, Bannerdown Benching, Mrs Alma Page-Owen, Pauline Quirke, June Caffell, Weyfarm Kennels, Karina Le Mare, Hitachi Credit (UK) PLC, Barbara Prestwich, Mike Mullan, Roberto & Linda Sanchez, Vivinne Lucas, Margaret King, Particular Products, Paul Andre and Angela Evans, Kevin Stravhan of Castleview Conservatories.

Report by: Marcia Cox
Picture taken by: M N Chambers