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International Junior Handler change

An ANNOUNCEMENT by YKC Chairman Eric Smethurst was made earlier this month detailing that the UK representative at the International Junior Handler of the Year would, as of 2003, no longer come from the YKC Junior Handler of the Year competition.

It was only seven years ago that the decision was made to change the competition from which the UK representative would qualify. Prior to this the UK handler came from the Pedigree Stakes final. In 2002 things have been reversed so that the UK representative will once again win through from the Pedigree Stakes final. This will make life a little easier on the YKC as amendments had to be made to their age groups to cater for International qualification.

To qualify for the Pedigree Stakes final juniors must first qualify for the JHA (Junior Handling Association) semi finals by winning first to third at an open or championship show scheduling qualifying classes (this should be stated in the schedule). The JHA semi finals are then held at Richmond Championship Show at the beginnning of September whereby the juniors may enter only one of the fourteen classes, separated by group (eg Hound, Terrier etc) and age group. The winners from each of these classes then compete at the Pedigree Stakes final in January. Keep checking OUR DOGS for any more information on this matter.