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Top Breeders of 2001 are announced!

The points have been calculated and the wait is over as this week we can reveal the OUR DOGS/Pedigree Masterfoods Top Breeders for 2001.

The show season was somewhat disrupted what with shows being cancelled, postponed and rescheduled. However we made it and overall top of the breeders for the ninth consecutive year are Stephen and Patsy Hollings (Gunalt) with an impressive 42 points. They topped the Gundog group and then went a stage further winning the top breeder award top winning kennel of Weimaraners.

David and Angela Cavill (Toveri) gained 37 points with their Finnish Spitz and headed the Hound group.

Top of the Toy group in 2000 were Bert Easdon and Phillip Martin (Easdon) who continued their fabulous success into 2001. The successful duo won many accolades with their and were once again top of the Toy breeders with 32 points.

Mrs & Mrs Gaskell (Mayson) were top Scottish Terrier breeders in 2000 and in 2001 they went one step further gaining top honours in the terrier group with 25 points.

Onto the Utility group and Mrs Judy Franks (Hashanah) gained 35 points in Shih Tzus which was more than enough to make her top Utility breeder.

Mrs Liz Dunhill (Fantasa Rottweilers) is the winner of the Working group on 32 points, last year she was runner-up in the group.

Finally the Pastoral group top breeder for 2001 is Mrs A McLaren of the Corsini Tervueren kennel with 36, she was also top of the pastoral group last year.

Full results of the OUR DOGS Pedigree Masterfoods Top Breeder 2001 are available on this website.