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Tremendous response for the next
National Golden Bone Awards

The Pet Role Trust has been absolutely delighted with the voting response to the nominations for the National Golden Bone Awards 2001.

There are still seven days to go and the total number of voting papers received by post and via the Internet is more than twice the total received last year. Those votes counted so far indicate narrower margins than last year so every vote really does count.

Tickets are understandably selling very fast for this wonderful event that will have some of the UK's top TV stars in attendance. The awards ceremony will be at the Golden Bone Ball on Saturday February 9th at the prestigious Radisson Hotel, Manchester, the same weekend at Manchester Championship Show.

If you would like a booking application brochure you should contact Susie Mathis on 0161-928 4706 (fax 0161-929 4760: e-mail as soon as possible. Single tickets are just 55 and include table wine and a champagne reception.