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A CALL TO ARMS! The announcement of a conference to discuss the development of the dog game in the 21st century can only be welcomed by anyone who has the interests of the sport at heart.

Ironically it also seems a shame that things have come to a point where many agree that such a conference needs to take place. However, as reference to other items on this page will show, this newspaper has been at the forefront of pointing out the potential pitfalls of ignoring our future welfare and also of trying to suggest ways forward, such as a conference exactly like the one now being organised.

We are pleased that the Kennel Club has grasped the nettle in such a wholehearted way and we are also happy that the winds of change continue to blow around Clarges Street.

There is no question that whilst there is a challenge ahead in maintaining and enhancing what we already have, there is also a great opportunity here and one that the Kennel Club can tackle with everyone's support, help and ideas.

The recent announcement of a new Chief Executive in Rose Smart, a Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the calibre of Caroline Kisko and Kathryn Symms respectively, Crufts in the capable hands of Vanessa Gibson and Marketing with Helen Pollitt (both of whom feature elsewhere in this issue following their promotions) means that there is a vital, interested and enthusiastic team of Kennel Club staff keen to make an impact and make everything work.

These are people who have come through the ranks, know the dog game and are eminently professional; lets get to the conference armed with good ideas and place them in the hands of both our 'elected' representatives and the staff of the club itself.

It is everyone's responsibility, from the General Committee down, to be a useful part of the process of moving our great sport into the 21st century in the most effective manner.