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Would your pet pass its MOT?

NO-ONE THINKS twice about having their car MOT'd but did you know that pets can benefit from a regular nose to tail check too?

By giving your pet a health check, at least once a week, you will be able to spot any small problems before they become serious conditions.

Dogs and cats

Run your hand over your pet's body to check for lumps, wounds and signs of fleas. Work down to the paws and check that the pads are free of cuts, seeds and splinters. Remember too that indoor cats may develop long claws, which will need trimming regularly. Take a look in the pet's mouth where the gums should be pink, teeth clean and white but never loose.

Don't be shy to look under your pet's tail for signs of swelling or soreness and always check a bitch's mammary glands too. Watch daily for any change in appetite or a sudden weight loss or weight gain, which could indicate a problem.