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Competition Commission questions owners

The Competition Commission (CC) wants to hear from individual users, and especially pet owners, about their experiences with prices and the supply of animal medicines.

Denise Kingsmill, CC Deputy Chairman, who is heading the inquiry, said: "We have been asked to look at the price of animal medicines prescribed by vets. At this early stage of the inquiry we are establishing how this market works.

"Pet owners make up at least half of the market. Farmers are well represented by their various associations but pet owners do not have a collective voice.

Therefore, in inviting comments from all users of animal medicines, we are especially keen to hear from pet owners about their experiences in connection with prices and the supply of animal medicines. We would urge them to look at our website and if they have something to say to get in touch with us via email or letter. We want to make sure that consumers have a voice and their views are very important to us".

As well as owners of companion pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc, the CC is also keen to hear from owners and keepers of animals that may be found in zoos, aquariums, aviaries, kennels, catteries, equestrian stables and rescue centres.

Information can be sent either via the online form on the CC website www.competition-commission., by email, or by letter to The Reference Secretary (Veterinary Medicines), Competition Commission, New Court, 48 Carey Street, London WC2A 2JT