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Northern Ireland Show Dog of the Year

The judge's report

The hospitality and organisation of the event was second to none, culminating in a very enjoyable two days. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries and for taking our decisions so well.

The event also incorporated the Veteran of the year competition and though only nine dogs entered, the quality of the dogs was excellent and exhibitors should be congratulated on showing their Veterans in such good condition.

The eventual winner was Mr G McFaul's Ch Ir Ch PATTAYA OFFENBACH, a Longhaired Dachshund; at nearly 11 yrs old he is a credit to his owner, lovely head and expression good front and feet correct length of neck and body, with good tuck up and topline well angulated. He moved soundly keeping his outline well. In 2nd place pushing the winner hard was Mr &Mrs Danter's Ir Ch MARCHMONT FAN C FREE, another Dachshund, this time a mini Smooth, Very smart with good head and eye, excellent topline and sound free mover, In third place the WHWT CH Ir Ch GLENVEAGH MR MUSIC MAN and in fourth place the Whippet Ir Ch BARNESMORE ACE OF SPADES.

Next came the Puppies, 46 in total with only three absent. With quality such as was shown here tonight, the competition at qualifying shows must be really strong. In 1st place Mr & Mrs Danter's BARLEYFIELD MISS DOO-LITTLE, Min Smooth Dachshund. What a smart mover she is, so sound and steady. Great showgirl with good topline and correctly laid shoulders, nice head and lovely expression, good front and feet, well muscled and angulated, must have a good future ahead of her. Second place the Irish Water Spaniel Large's FYNDER TRUE REFLECTION OF COLEENVILLE, an impressive male shown in correct coat, beautifully presented, good head and eye with well set ears good neck and topline and excellent front and feet. Well muscled hindquarters and correct tailset. Moved very soundly keeping a good outline. another who will have a good future. Third place the smart Miniature Schnauzer Cochrane's KINORLA JUST BLAME ME. and fourth place to Lloyd's Lhasa Apso OWENAVARA BOBBIE SOX.

On Saturday the Showdog of the Year with 61 entries and 9 absentees,; the competition was very close and several good dogs where unlucky not to make the final. The winner seemed an extremely popular win for Mrs Sloane's Papillon. CH & IR CH SUNSHOO IMAMOVIE PREMIERE certainly lived up to her name. Shown in such good condition, both body and coat, she possesses a correct head and a true Phalene ear carriage with lovely fringes and delightful expression. Good front and shoulders, correct neck and excellent rib, good quarters and moving so soundly. A great showgirl, Congratulations and it was such a pleasure to have judged her. 2nd place Laughlin/Park/Houghs Ir Ch LESTANNONS GOLDFINGERAT INISHGLORA, an Irish Setter. Shown in great condition, lovely head and expression, good bone and feet, correct topline and neck, well muscled quarters, good tailset and a steady mover. 3rd place the well known Rottweiler Mr Orr's Ch Ir Ch ROTTESSOR'S DOLLARMITE AT TIRKARAM. What a handsome dog, really keeps your attention. Good head and excellent bone, correct neck and topline, so sound, well muscled and angulated. 4th place Mr Warke's Std Longhaired Dachshund Ch Ir Ch GLASVEY SPECIAL EDITION. Had to settle for fourth place today in strong competition, though he will always get a second look. Very typy, lovely head and eye, nice expression, good neck and topline, shows well, good muscle tone and angulation.

Angela Corish