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Protest over ‘incompetent’ vets

A PROTEST took place last week outside the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons by campaigners who were angered by the college’s refusal to ban vets deemed to be ‘incompetent’.

Demonstrators waved placards which read ‘Vet the vet’ and ‘Stop Abusive Vets’. Several of the campaigners explained that they were all owners of pets who had suffered at the hands of vets who caused injury and death to the animals through error. All had made complaints to the college, but these had been either dismissed or not pursued.


Janet Mahoney from Bristol lodged a complaint two years ago about a vet who failed to treat her Wirehaired Dachshund in the way she would have wished.

“We hope that the protests will make the vets sit up and take notice,” said Mrs Mahoney.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. We want to change the whole system - it’s not in the interest of animal owners.

“The consumer has nowhere to go. We pay a lot of money to the veterinary profession and we should have rights when things go wrong.”

The group plans to lodge a protest with Animal Health Minister Elliot Morley.