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NCDL rehomes even more dogs in 2001

LAST YEAR was a bumper year for the NCDL’s Rehoming Centres, with the charity breaking its own previous best record. In 2001 the NCDL rehomed 8,502 dogs, compared with 8,406 dogs in 2000.

For staff at the NCDL’s 16 centres this is an excellent achievement, especially considering that many of the centres were forced to close for a period of time during the worst of the foot and mouth crisis.

In 2001, the NCDL cared for 11,404 dogs; rehomed 8,502; reunited 940 dogs with their owners; 1,725 dogs in their care at year’s end and 237 dogs passed away or were put to sleep.

The NCDL invests heavily in preventative campaigns. Working in areas of the country with the greatest need, they have so far neutered 43,000 dogs and microchipped a further 63,000. We give financial assistance to dog owners receiving benefits or pension to enable their dogs to be neutered and chipped, so that eventually the number of stray dogs will be greatly reduced. Since starting the campaign in 2000 they have already made a big impact in areas with a high stray population.


As well as a successful year for rehoming, the NCDL was also able to rebuild three Rehoming Centres in the UK. The centre in Ballymena in Northern Ireland was completely rebuilt, as was NCDL Canterbury last August. Finally, they reopened NCDL Snetterton in Norfolk in June 2001. This centre is a state of the art Rehoming Centre with glass fronted kennels, a revolutionary new idea which offers a calmer atmosphere for both dogs and visitors.

In addition, 2001 saw the launch of the Dogmobile - a mobile rehoming unit which tours market places and town centres showcasing NCDL dogs needing homes. The aim of the Dogmobile is to take our dogs to a wider audience who don’t live near to one of our centres, and therefore increase the number of dogs rehomed. The money for the unit was generously donated by the Petplan Charitable Truse.

In 2001 the NCDL raised £22.1 million, through donations, legacies, income from the centres and investments. It is vital that we continue to be supported in this way as the NCDL receives no government or lottery funding. The charity spent £20.2 million, including £10 million on rehoming and £2.4 million on the neutering and microchipping campaign in the areas of greatest need.