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Family Weimaraner suffers fatal attack

POLICE are investigating the death of a family’s pet dog, which was viciously set upon and killed in front of its owner’s eyes by three other dogs in Penketh, Warrington.

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking her Weimaraner dog along a public footpath near Tannery Lane on Monday, July 1st, when three Dogues de Bordeaux set upon the animal and killed it instantly.

The leading local newspaper, the Warrington Guardian was inundated with letters from local residents horrified by the incident.

Norman King, who owns the three Dogues de Bordeaux, told the newspaper: “I was extremely apologetic but it was an accident.

“Basically, I have no objections to people walking down the path, but the dog had wandered on to my private land, unleashed, near to where I keep chickens and hens. Therefore the dog was uncontrollable.

“A man who works for me actually saved their dog, which then scratched and bit at his face and hands. Only then did my dogs set upon the Weimaraner.”

A close friend of the distraught Weimaraner owner said: “I have lived in Penketh most of my life and never have I feared for my life or that of my dog until now.

“I will not be walking my dog anywhere near the incident area until I am assured that these dogs have been dealt with.”

And the father of the upset family said: “These three vicious dogs came from nowhere and the whole family, our three children included, are traumatised by this terrible event.”

Inspector Peter Turton, of Warrington police, said: “This was an unpleasant incident and our investigation is still ongoing.”

It is not clear yet whether Mr King is to be charged, although a prosecution under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act is unlikely, as the incident took place on private land and not in a public place.

Mr King was unavailable for comment.