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Breed club funds ‘investigated’

A POLICE investigation has been launched recently into the alleged ‘mismanagement of funds’ totalling over £13,000, belonging to the Weimaraner Association, writes Nick Mays.

At the Association’s recent AGM, members were informed that the Committee had become aware of a problem with the Association’s accounts in December 2001, which led to an investigation by the police and the Kennel Club. However, before the investigation was completed, the shortfall in funds, totalling £13,000 was repaid by the Association’s Treasurer Tony Heappey, without Mr Heappey admitting liability, but only admitting ‘mismanagement’ of the funds.

After 15 years as Treasurer, Mr Heappey did not seek re-election at the AGM. His wife Margaret also stepped down as Field Trials Officer.

Committee member Kevin Grewcock commented that the matter was ‘complex’, but indicated that the missing funds could total more than the £13,000 repaid by Mr Heappey, adding that the losses were ‘not attributable to one person.’

Mr Heappey and his wife declined to comment on the matter.

Association Secretary Maggie Smith told OUR DOGS that the committee was satisfied that the matter had been resolved and had no further comment to make.

A Kennel Club spokesman confirmed that the KC had been notified and were “aware of the matter”, but were content that it had been dealt with by the Association in a competent manner.

It is understood that some members of the Association are unhappy that no further information on the matter has been forthcoming and that the full extent of the Association’s losses has not been revealed.

Kevin Grewcock added, by way of final comment, that the committee had now “drawn a line under the matter and that they had found a “solution which is best for the members.”