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EU condemned for ‘back door testing’

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has revealed how the European Union has signed an agreement with the Israeli government that will see many EU animal experiments conducted in laboratories in Israel.

This removes obstacles faced by EU cosmetics, food and drug companies and allows Europe to conduct animal experiments outside the EU. The agreement, put in place at the same time as the EU Parliament is debating the introduction of an EU animal testing ban for cosmetics, will see EU countries accepting test results from animal experiments conducted by Israeli companies authorised by the Israeli Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ILAC).

That means it will now be possible for EU companies to comply with any future EU testing ban by having their animal testing conducted in Israel, and then passing the product directly through to regulatory authorities in Europe for approval for commercial use.

BUAV Campaigns Officer, Della Green, says: “This is animal testing by the back door, a way of shifting animal suffering to another country whilst Europe gets a clean slate. That’s an outrageous betrayal of EU citizens who want to see a stop to this sort of cruelty, and a betrayal of laboratory animals.”

Chris Davies, a Liberal Democrat member of the European Parliament’s consumer policy committee said: “This shows the hypocrisy of EU governments in calling for a test ban only within EU borders. What we need is a complete marketing ban on new cosmetics tested on animals, otherwise all we’re doing is transferring the problem of animal testing from within the EU to countries outside the EU.”