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John B Bayliss MRCVS

John Bayliss who has died aged 83 was for many years the Honorary Veterinary Surgeon to the Southern Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club.

John was not only an extremely knowledgeable vet, but he was a staunch friend to all who knew and loved him, ever willing to impart his expertise to anyone who asked his advice. We will always remember his quiet presence at the club shows, and the strength of his personality. John was not a person who gloried in his position, but he would help with the cleaning up after the shows, helping in every way possible.

He was born a Scotsman, and retained the Scotsman’s dry sense of humour, which he exercised with good effect at the regular pre-club championship show dinners.

He bore his later illness with his usual dignity, and with great fortitude, he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Our sympathy goes out to his widow Ena (Hon.Mem, and ex-President of the S.D.D.T.C) John leaves a son Colin

Brian Maddox, Gordon Grieve, Hugh & Anne Mattinson

Mrs Vicky Gwynn

It is with great sadness I have to report the death of Vicky Gwynn, on June 5th, at Kington Cottage Hospital, Hereford. Vicky had been ill for some months and died peacefully in her sleep.

For many years she served on the committee of The Greyhound Club, with such as Ralph Parsons, Barbara Wilton-Clarke, and Eve Young. In 1995 Vicky was elected President of the club, a position which she proudly held until her death.

Her foundation stock emanated from the Cornish R P hounds, and she soon became one of the leading post-war breeders of show Greyhounds. Vicky made up several champions herself, whilst she also bred several who made their mark for other kennels and bore great influence on the breeds future. Few show Greyhounds today are without one or more “Starbolts” (Vicky’s prefix) in their pedigrees.

Pre-war as a most elegant young lady, she pursued a career in the acting profession, where she was soon to meet her husband-to-be Michael. Sadly this career was cut short by the war, and although Michael was able to carry on and reach great heights, Vicky settled for a quieter life, raising her son and daughter, Simon and Susanah.

Besides Greyhounds, Vicky had an interest in Salukis, Basset Hounds and also horses, riding out until quite recently. Several of her hounds were bred in partnership with her friend Mary Walker, with whom many of her earlier shows were attended.

Both my wife Brenda and I join all in The Greyhound Club with our deepest sympathy to all the family.

Jim Rowe