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First meeting of the Canine Events Group

Following the successful Canine Events Conference which was held in April, the Kennel Club confirms that on Wednesday 19 June a smaller study group of representatives from the world of dogs met at the Kennel Club to discuss many of the important issues originally raised, and to flag up other ideas.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to continue to exchange views with the clear objective of attracting higher attendances at dog shows and other canine events. Once again it is felt that the meeting was very productive and the detailed agenda included items such as encouraging newcomers, public relations, the staging of Open Shows, Breed Club input and the Young Kennel Club.

Said Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club who also chairs the Group, “It is clear that all of us involved in the world of dogs need to work together to encourage both young people and other newcomers into the dog world. We need to demonstrate to them the many different areas in which they can participate with their dogs. In what would appear to be an ever increasing anti-dog society we all need to do as much as we can to increase the number of dog enthusiasts in this country so as to protect dogs and their positive role in society.

Existing participants in the world of dogs also need to be given greater encouragement to stay in the game. The Kennel Club itself recognises that it has to modernise and be as ‘customer friendly’ as possible, if it is to survive. So must the dog shows and canine events licensed by the KC. I hope that this Group along with the various Kennel Club Committees and everyone involved in dogs can play a major part in achieving the improvements needed.”

It is envisaged that these meetings will be ongoing and announcements will be made in due course with regard to the group findings and initiatives.