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Is Paddy the most handsome dog in rescue?

Picture of Paddy with Animal Care Assistant Helen Birks. At Trindledown Paddy
is also known as Dennis the Menace and Frank Butcher - Sophie, his companion
bears a strong resemblance to Pat - minus the earrings!

PADDY IS an eight year old labrador X who knows what. He was brought into the National Animal Welfare Trusts Animal Retirement Centre at Trindledown Farm, Great Shefford in Berkshire, with his lifelong companion Sophie, when their owner sadly died. Being slightly younger and more energetic than many of Trindledown’s residents, the staff and volunteers thought Paddy might have some fun entering a few local shows.

In his first two outings Paddy has come second in a large Scruffts Qualifier at NCDL in Newbury and beaten all the opposition to be The Most Handsome Dog at the NAWT’s own Exemption Show earlier this month.

Buoyant after this early success, Trindledowns staff are now competing among themselves for the chance to take Paddy out to other shows to prove that he really is the most handsome dog in any Rescue Centre.

As for Paddy himself - he is loving every minute of the extra attention and hopes his new found fame might find him a new home, where Sophie can go too.