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Free this week, the OUR DOGS
Crufts Classic 2002 - accept no substitute!

THIS WEEK’S issue is even better value than ever with your FREE copy of the OUR DOGS Crufts Classic, your indispensible guide to the world’s greatest dog show.

Sixty eight pages packed with features and information, including special events, obedience and agility, as well as the all-important order of judging - don’t miss your favourite breed!
It also features the Crufts roll of honour, the 2002 obedience review and scoresheet, a special feature on the Leonberger which has CC status for the first time, judges’ profiles, a feature on the successful overseas exhibitors as well as the famous breed classified advert section.

The OUR DOGS Crufts Classic 2002 has everything you need to know to get the best out of your visit to Crufts - don’t set off for the NEC without it!